The angry bee and the final sting

Published by Austin MacAuley and available for purchase now at

A 60-page adventure story for Children and Adults to enjoy.

Written by T.J. O' Neill and beautifully illustrated by T. Guha.

Published by Austin MacAuley.

Childrens Book Bee

A colourful book for Children and Adults to enjoy

Sample Page 1

Find out where Frizz and the other bees live

Sample Page 2

Find out why Frizz is so angry and what she does next.

Sample Page 3

Find out what happens when the bees receive an unwelcome visit.

It was funny when Tracker asked to be King Bee and Frizz said no.

Lena aged 7

I really liked the colours especially when Frizz tried to fly at night time.

Saoirse aged 4

Angry bee was very angry. I love it.

Frida aged 2

About the author

Childrens Book author TJ O Neill
Childrens Book illustrator Trishna Guha

About the illustrator